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Sabrina Campbell

Sabrina Campbell is a wife, mother, pet parent and thriver of life. She has been on a journey to discover all the gifts that she possibly can in this lifetime and the next. The abilities that reside in the power that Sabrina holds are Psychic (talk to your higher self and guides), Mediumship (talk to people who have passed), Energy Communication (talk to beings from all areas of the cosmos and from many dimensions, some of these may be guides), Angel Communication (talk to your Guardian Angel or Arch Angel), Animal Communication (talk to animals living and passed) and something that Sabrina calls Soul Sessions where she combines all of these abilities into one session. Sabrina also has her Reiki 2 and is loving how it works alongside the sessions she provides. Sabrina has had these abilities since she was a very small child and has been finely honing these skills and adding to this list for the last 5 years. Sabrina can also channel energetic beings or those with no form effortlessly. It almost seems like she makes no change while channeling. This skill makes it easier for her clients to get questions answered and help ppl to move forward from feeling “stuck". "Sabrina has a unique ability to be a clear channel for galactic beings and a conduit of cosmic energies. Her link to the galactic council is strong and the messages she communicates reveal important truths about the nature of the universe and our purpose within it."  Read More »