Sev Tok

Sev Tok was born in Istanbul, Turkey and came to the U.S. as a little girl. She grew up in the Virginia/Wash. DC suburbs. Her parents introduced her to spirituality at an early age. Sev started meditating in the fifth grade and that opened up a whole new world for her. She began having supernatural experiences at a very young age which continued into her adult years.

Sev became a Soul Purpose Coach conducting Soul Purpose Readings. Her ability to read her client’s energy field, and “hear, feel, and see” inter-dimensional information formed the foundation for her next field of study: ET contact.

Her first book, You Have the Right to Talk to Aliens, is her coming out. In the book, she describes her many alien contacts and how she transformed her fear of ETs to understanding their peaceful intentions.

Sev had supernatural events and ET contact while living in Crofton, MD (where she did most of her growing up), in Baltimore, MD (where she graduated from Loyola University and lived in Baltimore City for 20 years), Capitol Hill, Wash, DC (where she lived for 2 years), Arapahoe, NC (where she currently lives), and Roswell, NM (where she visited).

Sev’s debut book serves to provide momentum for the universal reveal that we are not alone in the galaxies. Humans are part of an inter-galactic neighborhood and we have the right to talk to our neighbors, the ETs.

One of Sev’s missions is to help Experiencers understand their ET Contact. She created a free forum for Experiencers on her website called Encounters. Sev invites Experiencers to share their ET Contact stories with her, privately, and she responds to aide them in processing their remarkable Encounters.

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