What is “Grounding?”

Grounding is using your senses to bring yourself to the present moment. It can be helpful if you encounter an overwhelming situation, anxiety, or even cognitive dissonance.


Anyone can have a moment when they feel like they are stressed out. Grounding techniques are simple ways to help you return your attention to the here and now and they can be good for everyone’s health.

A simple, yet effective way to “ground” yourself is to follow a simple exercise like “4, 3, 2, 1.”

4-Identify 4 things you can see around you.

3-Identify 3 things you can feel.

2-Identify 2 things you can smell.

1-Identify 1 thing you can taste.

Here are links to several articles with additional ideas and other exercises to try. It is can be helpful to practice a few grounding techniques you like so you are familiar with them BEFORE you encounter a difficult situation.

Remember to always use your own discernment, TIVP does not necessarily endorse these outside links:

Grounding Techniques & Self Soothing for Emotional Regulation

*Note Grounding and Earthing are different, but they are both really good for your health!
Grounding refers to coming back to the present moment in time, while earthing refers literally to coming into contact with the earth. Earthing can be done while grounding yourself!
If you put your bare feet on the earth, the following exercise can accomplish both!

For more information on Earthing (which is called Grounding here):

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